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San Francisco

  • IAN E.

    "...Ed and his girlfriend, sitting in the front seat, had seen this scene before, but I hadn't, and they felt like I should see what Sodom looked like on a Saturday evening..."


    "...I think about the grooves my feet made in San Francisco: up and down Valencia St., the area around Montgomery BART, the Lower Haight. I walked the same routes for years, but by the end, the streets were different and so was I..."


    "...The signposts of my teenage years have proven hard to displace. I consider a gaudy new development and try to remember what was there just a couple of months ago; half a block later, I catch a whiff of eucalyptus coming off the Panhandle and I'm immediately sixteen again, waiting for my ride..."


    "...So yes. Here with you I am comfortable, I am safe. With this love like a hammock that we can both lay in..."

Who better to tell the stories of a place than its dwllers and looky-loos? Stories of growing up there and passing through, abusing hearts and having fun along the way. It isn't about your fame or how much money you have — or don't. It's about training your eyes on the wonders and nuances in cracked sidewalks and fairy dust. Some of it might even be true. Keep in touch.