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San Francisco

  • Places to eat. Places to see. More places to eat. Places to buy. Even more places to eat. Where to fix your bike. Good causes. Most, reasonably-priced. Others, downright cheap. Get involved. Get there. Navigate the local bureaucracy. Visit San Francisco. Even better if you live it. Latest News : WINNER! The t.S. SF Guide Kit was officially jury selected for PRINT MAGAZINE'S 2018 Regional Design Annual, Graphic Design Campaign category for the Far West region! We're chuffed and honoured.

  • A few maps throughout the guide help give a sense of the city as a whole and by neighborhood. Caveat: a lot of the information is centered around places that are more familiar to my own life. There's still plenty yet to discover. But it's a start. The Digital edition big map should be somewhat zoomable.

  • Orient yourself to some of the sections of the city where I tend to hang out. Learn a little about how to get there. If you can afford to live in Forest Hills or Pacific heights, bless you. Otherwise, it's fun to dream.

  • The guide is based on long E-mails I sometimes send to friends visiting places I'm familiar with. With a few enhancements (better type, maps, some organization, etc...) the format stays pretty true to the simplicity of those "lists." the frills are for you to create. Besides, wouldn't you rather take your own pictures? Digital edition web links should be click-able.

  • Every city has its odd gems. I've sprinkled in little bits of information that might be useful to plugging into local life. Example 1: "The Wiggle" — a local bike path that helps cut commute times by 10's of minutes! Try it.

  • Now Available

    Small runs now making home in a few shoppes around the Bay Area. 'Zine, but not quite 'zine in nature. Inquire if you're interested or follow for updates. Hope to evolve and expand on the editions over time. Perhaps a set of SF Cards to accompany your book?

  • New Now!

    Now including the Lower North Bay and East Bay Extended Supplemental with maps designed by Subject-Object. Further explorations and recommendations from around the region make it that much more home. Thanks, friends.

  • More Downloads

    Download your own copy of the North Bay-East Bay routes map, or find it in the digital copy of the Guide!


  • Less places to eat, more what is this place. An overview of the city's structure. An intro to neighborhoods and their landmarks. Inaugural edition features Tokyo 2020 Olympics sites for the die-hard fan - like us. Tokyo redux, when you're ready.

  • A look at the transit framework, produced under the massTRANS project.

  • A few good words, a few good Kanji.

  • Based on doodles and diagrams made for friends at kitchen tables. Still with better type, maps, and organization. Don't live there anymore, so maintaining long lists on new and now isn't possible. More pamphlet than book, but still kinda book-y. The thrills are still for you to make.

  • All attempts made for accuracy at time of print. But things change, and you've still got that phone in your hand. Please double check info. But in a pinch, a few resources to help you along the way.

  • Still Quirky

    Small runs still making home in a few shoppes. Still kinda 'zine-y. Still designed with love for the design nerd in you. Inquire if you're interested or follow for updates. Still growing "the collection."


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